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A composite filling is a tooth-colored mixture made using glass and plastic. It can be used to restore decayed teeth. Composite fillings can be effectively utilized for making cosmetic enhancements to the smile by reshaping disfigured teeth or by changing the color of the teeth. At the office of Denton Oak Dentistry, we use metal-free fillings that are made to match the natural color of your teeth closely.

Dental fillings have been used to restore teeth that had been damaged by decay or fracture. However, several concerns have been raised about the safety of traditional amalgam fillings due to their mercury content. With the advent of dental technology, mercury fillings are now increasingly being replaced with composite fillings.

Composite fillings bond to the tooth to strengthen the remaining natural structure of the tooth, which insulates the tooth from excessive temperature variations and helps to prevent breakage.

If you have existing silver fillings in your teeth that you would like removed and replaced with better looking, more comfortable and safer tooth-colored fillings, our experts can help you with that too. Get rid of your old metal fillings now!

For more information about the use and benefits of tooth colored fillings for your oral health, please feel free to contact our office at (940) 566-1066.


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