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Mouth Guards


Mouth Guards

A dental mouth guard is a piece of equipment that can be worn over the upper and lower jaws to protect the teeth. At Denton Oak Dentistry, we offer custom dental mouth guards that are made as per the fit and comfort of your teeth by taking impressions of your mouth. Our mouth guards are made using high quality, lightweight material so that they do not cause any interference with your speech and normal breathing. We offer mouth guards for both adults and children.

Mouth guards have a variety of applications when it comes to protecting the health of your teeth. Some of these are:

To protect the teeth while playing sports

Sports guards protect the teeth against tooth loss and damage while playing sports or performing other types of physical activities. A number of injuries are likely to occur to the teeth and mouth during sports activities.

To counter the effects of bruxism

Teeth grinding and clenching can lead to frequent headaches and pain in the jaw. This happens because extreme tension is exerted on the jaw and facial muscles while clenching and grinding.Night Guards protect the teeth from the damage caused by grinding and clenching in people who suffer from bruxism. When worn while sleeping, a night guard prevents the teeth in the upper and lower jaw from rubbing against each other.

To control sleep apnea

A custom dental night guard can aid mild cases of sleep apnea and is also effective in controlling loud snoring. The mouthpiece adjusts the position of your tongue and the lower portion of your jaw in order to keep airways open during the time when you're sleeping and makes sure that airflow continuously enters the mouth.

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